• Who Can Participate?

    This championship is open for all school goers of GCC countries from Grade 3 (Year 4) to Grade 12 (Year 13). Students can participate in this championship independently by registering online, even if their school is not officially a part of it.

  • How to Register?

    You can register either through your school if they are officially participating in the championship, or directly online through this website. There is no difference between registering online or through your school.

  • Where Will It Will take Place?

    Regional Round:Online Exam
    National Round Online Exam
    International Round: New York, USA / UAE (Online)*
    * This year all rounds are taking place Online only, due to current pandemic situations.

  • Stages

    2 Elimination Rounds called Regional Level & National Level will take place Online.. Based on their performance students will move up from one round to the International round. The top rank holders after the National round will qualify for the International Level in New York.

  • Registration Fee

    The championship registration fee is a one time payment of AED 105 only (Incl. VAT). Registration fee also includes one month free online practice subscription which can be renewed if you choose to.

  • Selection Criteria

    All participants will compete within their age category (assigned based on their DOB). The first round of the championship is only based on accuracy (6 puzzles to be solved in 30 minutes). The second and third round selection is based on accuracy and speed.

  • How to Prepare

    Being good at solving Kenken puzzles require regular practice. We help you in that by providing online practice subscription, mock exam papers and mock exams. You can also enrol yourself for our Kenken Classes where we go in-depth about the various strategies to solve these puzzles fast and effectively.

  • Rewards

    There are rewards built into every step of this championship. You can expect to win certificates and medals based on your overall performance. Top rank holders at the National Level are also awarded with various other prizes. And to cap it all, 1 student from each category gets to participate in the Finals at New York, USA.

  • When will it take place?

    Regional Round: Multiple dates (Between 15th of Oct - 15th of Nov), will be an Online test.
    National Round: 25th–26th Last Week of November.
    International Round: Mid of December 2020 (in New York)*
    *This year, all rounds are happening Online, due to the current pandemic situation.
    **The above dates are tentative, final dates will be informed to participants/parents through their registered email address.

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